Since 2008, the UN Secretary-General’s annual Private Sector Forum has gathered global leaders at the United Nations on the first day of the UN General Assembly week to address major global issues such as climate change, sustainable development and human rights. The Private Sector Forum will provide a platform for CEOs, Governments leaders and UN agency heads to engage in a high-level dialogue, allowing a global private sector and multi stakeholder audience to engage first-hand in the debate and discussions. In addition to the UN Global Compact’s strategic priorities of Climate, COVID Recovery and global impact strategies, the Forum will include focused discussions on the private sector’s role in strengthening global Food Systems and Sustainable Energy production.

Innovation is a key driver for sustainable development and is crucial in tackling todays and tomorrow’s social, economic, and environmental challenges. Over the last 10 months, young professionals from all over the world have participated in UN Global Compact’s Young SDG Innovators Programme and have as a result developed solutions to unique SDG related challenges within their companies. The Young SDG Innovators Summit 2021 will offer a virtual platform for these young talents to showcase their solutions and experiences in addition to celebrating the momentum they have built over the course of the year. Join this event to learn more about the programme, the latest sustainable solutions, how to foster intrapreneurship and innovation, and what it takes to attract and retain young talent within your company.

Recognizing that global challenges often require local solutions, the Global Impact Forum will showcase four key initiatives to mobilize corporate action on the Global Goals: SDG Ambition, Young SDG Innovators, Target Gender Equality and Climate Ambition Accelerator. Global Impact Initiatives are designed to mainstream sustainable business practices and scale solutions from the ground up through the efforts of Global Compact Local Networks around the world. The Forum will zoom in on what it takes to implement these initiatives at regional, national and organizational levels. Recognising the International Day of Peace, the Global Impact Forum will conclude with a joint session with Peace One Day to highlight the private sector’s role in peace building.

This year we will hear directly from Local Networks as we travel around the world to attend LIVE panel discussions on the state of progress on our Global Impact Initiatives. You will hear Governments on their advancements through multi-stakeholder partnerships, from UN and civil society leaders on their vision to scale collective impact, and from business - from executive level to young SDG innovators – on how their actions are leading to meaningful progress towards the achievement of the SDGs.

The SDG Business Forum—co-hosted for the 6th year by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the UN Global Compact — highlights companies that are driving progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. Click here for more information on the SDG Business Forum.

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