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The World We Want (WWW)
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Natasha is the founder of the global social impact enterprise The World We Want (WWW), launched to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs by 2030, through positive action, strategic communication and global connections. WWW’s mission is to unite and galvanise change-makers, organisations, non-profits, governments, businesses, celebrities, philanthropists and citizens to create a world ready and capable of positive action and change.

They do this by converting awareness of global issues into real, meaningful action by leveraging the power of empathy, unlocking the strength of multi-stakeholder collaborations, launching global communications strategies, and applying creative storytelling, to shape policies and priorities.

London-born Natasha built a formidable career working with FTSE 100 companies, disruptive tech companies, luxury brands, film and entertainment personalities, governments and organisations such as the Commonwealth to lead purpose-driven global communications and consultancy strategies.

From her invaluable role in spearheading the communications for the Spice Girls remake #WhatIReallyReallyWant, a female empowerment video for the Global Goals viewed by over 100 million, her work as the global strategist for the Commonwealth for promoting trade, innovation and investment within the 53 member states, to her appointment as the India Director for the Global Goals campaign to popularise the SDGs to 1.3bn Indian citizens, Natasha has been the driving force of the industry’s most cutting‐edge purpose projects and campaigns. Following the global outbreak of COVID-19, Natasha’s mission became relevant and urgent that ever before.

Natasha has incepted several projects and collaborative efforts to support relief efforts against the backdrop of the biggest global health crisis of recent time, the outbreak of coronavirus in 2020. Natasha has worked alongside global governments and agencies to mobilise the credentials of The World We to help convey crucial messaging, launch public campaigns and raise funds towards key COVID-19 multi-sector action. In 2021 Natasha conceptualised a global broadcast to drive upwards of $5mn in COVID-19 relief funds towards the long term recovery in India following the violent second wave of the virus.

We For India: Saving Lives, Protecting Livelihoods was broadcast in August 2021 and convened over 100 household names from around the world, streamed to a global audience.