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News Anchor & Transgender Rights Activist (Bangladesh)
Speaker Bio
Tashnuva Anan, 28, is Bangladesh's first trans person to broadcast the news. In addition to her day job as a news anchor, Tashnuva is pursuing a Masters in Public Health from the prestigious Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee University, where she is the first trans woman to receive a scholarship to obtain such a degree in Bangladesh. Tashnuva has been a leader in various Bangladeshi NGOs supporting the trans community, namely Bondhu Social Welfare, TransEnd, the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh, Rethink, and her own platform, Shree: Voice of Sexual Minority. She is an accomplished dancer and actor, has won several dance competitions, and continues to make television appearances. Most recently, she has been working to bring challenging questions of human rights and social justice to the stage through her work with various theater NGOs. Notably, Tashnuva is one of the only, if not the only trans woman to contribute publicly to the #MeToo movement from Bangladesh. Tashnuva has taken brave steps to be a public trans figure in Bangladesh and is constantly working to improve her understanding of others in her community by working with leaders of local intersex, Hijra, and trans men communities.