Full Name
Job Title
Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer
IBL Ltd.
Speaker Bio
"Mr. Arnaud Lagesse of Mauritius is the Group CEO of IBL Ltd. A prominent business leader, he is credited for driving the IBL Group with innovative and challenging undertakings. In 2016, he initiated the merger of GML Investissement Ltée and Ireland Blyth Limited and created the new entity IBL Ltd expanding to become the No. 1 group in Mauritius and 2nd largest group in the region excluding South Africa.
Holding a Masters in Management degree from Université d’Aix-Marseille II in France, Mr. Lagesse has qualifications in management and executive education from Harvard Business School, USA, Egon Zehnder-Mobius, Portugal and ISEAD, France. Mr. Lagesse chairs 8 Boards in listed and non-listed companies and is a member of Boards in multiple industries."