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Executive Director
Global Compact Network Croatia
Speaker Bio
Vali Marszalek manages an immensely active network of UNGC participants in Croatia and holds the position of Sustainable Development and CSR Adviser in Croatian Employers´ Association, the hosting organization of the Local Network, which gives her a valuable insight into the challenges businesses face in meeting their corporate sustainability requirements. In September 2020 Vali joined the UN Global Compact Expert Network eager to work closely with other members from business, civil society, trade unions, the UN, Government and Global Compact Local Networks to provide input to programmatic prioritization and UNGC strategy, aligned with the needs of the private sector. Being a strong believer in regional cooperation, this year Vali is running two UNGC programs, Target Gender Equality and SDG Ambition, as regional tracks. Due to big interest from Croatian companies, she has also joined the two global tracks of Climate Ambition Accelerator and is looking to continue the program locally or regionally for the second round.