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Chief Executive Officer
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Magnus Billing, CEO of Alecta. Alecta provides agreed occupational pensions. Alecta's assets under management amount to approximately appr USD 100 billion. Alecta is owned by approximately 2,6 million private customers and 35,000 corporate clients.

Magnus Billing was, prior to joining Alecta, CEO, NASDAQ Nordics and Baltic Markets. Within NASDAQ he previously held the position as Chief Legal Counsel and Senior Vice President of NASDAQ Group, Inc., and responsible for legal and market surveillance operations in Europe. Mr. Billing has been working in the financial industry since early 2001. Prior to the merger between NASDAQ and OMX AB (publ), Magnus Billing was the General Counsel of OMX and led the negotiations around the consolidation of the OMX Nordic Exchanges.

Magnus Billing was a member of the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on sustainable finance that the EU Commission appointed and gave the task to come up with recommendations for how to create a sustainable EU financial market. HLEG produced its recommendations in the beginning of 2018 and it created the basis for the EU Commission’s Action Plan published during the Spring of 2018.

Magnus Billing is chairman of the Board of Directors for Stockholm Sustainable Finance Center (a center bridging academic research on sustainable finance to the financial markets and their stakeholders). The center was established and is supported by the Swedish Government, Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm Environment Institute.

Magnus Billing was previously a member of the NASDAQ Listing Committee, secretary of the Board of Directors, NASDAQ Nordic Foundation, and served as director of Federation of European Securities Exchanges, Swedish House of Finance and as an alternate director of the Swedish Corporate Governance Code Board of Directors. He holds a degree in law from Stockholm University.