Full Name
Job Title
Executive Director
Adjara Group Hotels
Speaker Bio
As the Executive Director of Adjara Group Hotels, Nino is responsible for managing and leading all aspects of the business of the trend-setting Georgian hotel brands such as Rooms Hotels, Stamba Hotel, and Fabrika Hostel, and other hospitality establishments of Adjara Group.
Nino initially joined Adjara Group in 2017, bringing more than five years of executive experience to reevaluate and further advance the company's food and beverage supply chain, ensuring that its facilities are producing high-quality dishes from locally sourced produce. Nino soon became the Executive Director of Udabno and led the Group’s largest agricultural project in the region, including 2,500 ha. almond orchard, as well as vineyards with endemic grape varieties, berry fields, greenhouses, and dairy farms.
Prior to Adjara Group, Nino lived in the USA for 15 years and has a proven executive management track record and over five years of experience in the globally leading investment bank, Goldman Sachs, in New York. During her tenure, she led various industry-wide projects and managed teams in operations. Nino holds a BS with honors in business administration from Weber State University in the United States.