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Director of Corporate Social Responsibility
Pavimentos Colombia SAS
Speaker Bio
Dr. Monica Colin Salgado, PDPs. in gender and diversity studies and a PhD. in Innovation Management. She currently holds the position of Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Pavimentos Colombia SAS. She has collected over ten years of experience in the development and implementation of gender equality models in Colombia and Mexico both at public and private levels. Dr. Colin is a Senior Researcher in Colciencias, and has published several books, articles and book chapters on innovation, social responsibility and gender studies. Founder and currently part of the advisory board of Mujeres Rompiendo Barreras Externado, a women's empowerment and leadership program of Externado University; she is also serving as advisor to various organizations which promote women's empowerment and gender equality such as UN Women, Wica, Mujeres de Éxito Foundation, and has been part of strategic teams for the diffusion of women's leadership cases such as TedX Women. Dr. Colin is a national and international speaker as well.

As Director of Social Responsibility at Pavimentos Colombia, she has led the Suma tus Manos Alliance spearheaded by the Colombian Network of United Nations Global Pact, which is aimed at attaining sustainable development for the Wayuu indigenous communities through the construction of a social fabric and gender-based association building. The priority at Suma are women's empowerment, education (mainly for children and young people), community access to water of better quality, and environmental sustainability through environmental care and proper solid waste management.