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Job Title
Presidenta de Directorio
Banco FIE S.A.
Speaker Bio
Mayor in Political and Legal sciences granted by “Mayor de San Andrés University” in Bolivia, specializes in corporate law, has a degree in Corporate Governance and Gender Equality and female empowerment. From April 2012, she is the President of the Board at Banco FIE S.A., by serving in this position she became the first woman in charge of this role among all the financial entities in the Bolivian financial
system. Also, she is the Executive President at ONG FIE, as well as member of the Board at Corporación de Fomento a Iniciativas Economicas SL. and CONFIE Latinoamerica.

She is the founder and member of the Bolivian Woman´s Entrepreneurs Chamber (CAMEBOL). Head Leader of Table 5 Gender Issues at Woman´s ONU. Mentor in the Program “Vital Voices”  and part in the program “development of abilities and skills at Ranaissance Executive  Forums”, aimed to entrepreneurs, recognized by their ethical and corporate canvaskills.