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Bank al Etihad
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Nadia Alsaeed has served as CEO of Bank al Etihad for over 14 years. Alsaeed spearheaded the bank’s evolution which today is the third-largest bank in Jordan by total assets and a leading digital bank.

Since becoming CEO at Bank al Etihad in 2008, Alsaeed has positioned it as one of the most progressive banks in Jordan, championing entrepreneurship, innovation, digitization, and women. She successfully launched the bank’s women’s market program, Shorouq, to support female economic participation across the country- a program that successfully increased the bank's female customer base 8X.

Alsaeed offers significant industry experience, holding several key roles at Bank al Etihad prior to becoming CEO. She also served as Jordan’s ICT minister in 2004. Alsaeed is the first Chairwoman of Endeavor Jordan, elected by the Board of Directors in December 2020 for 3 years, and Private Sector Co-Chair of the Closing the Gender Gap Accelerator in Jordan by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Forbes Middle East has selected her as one of the “Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen” for 9 consecutive years (2014-2022), and The AmCham MENA Regional Council has awarded her “Best Woman in the Corporate Sector in MENA.”